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Your Final Act of Love.

What will your final act be? Life is full of uncertainty, but one thing for certain is Death. Will your death be an added weight on your grieving family? Will your family be left with the burden and expenses of your funeral? Or will your final act be a loving gift to your loved ones? One less thing for your family to worry about during their time of heartache and pain.

Our families will be faced with our death, but we can do something to help lessen the worry, pain, and grief our loved ones will experience. Provide your family with peace of mind when it comes to the cost of your final expenses. Final Expense/Burial whole life insurance is permanent life insurance that covers funeral and other final expenses when you die. It is the responsible thing to do.


• No Medical Exams or Bodily Fluids Testing

• Application with yes/no Medical Questions

• Rates Never Increase

• Benefits Remain the Same (as long as payments are made)

• Can Never be Canceled (as long as payments are made)

• You Choose Who the Money Goes to (tax free)

• Covers You for Your Entire Life

Complimentary Benefits (not offered by all companies and varies depending on the company):

• Competitive Scholarships

• Family Events (discounts)

• Health and Wellness Discounts (vision, dental, hearing care, prescription drugs discount)

• Retail Benefits (online shopping discounts)

• Legal Services (free and discounted legal services)

Together we can put together an affordable solution to get the most insurance for the least amount of money. We work with a number of “A” rated companies. Let us shop around for you to find the best fit for your needs and budget. Even if you've been turned down before, we may be able to help.

Call Today for your final ACT of LOVE!

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